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Please Read Before Booking

To achieve the best results form your EE session you should be to in a state of deep relaxation. We ask that all mobile phones are turned off and are never out in the EE room. This is to prevent any disturbance to fellow attendees and also to enable everyone to achieve as relaxed a state as possible.


Staying hydrated is important for the detoxing process so drinking plenty of good quality water on the lead up to your session is beneficial.

-Daytime Sessions

Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start time of your session, this allows time for you to be checked in and for all attendees to get settled into the room ready for the session start time.


-Overnight Sessions

Overnight clients are welcome to arrive from 8.15, to get settled in the room ready for the start of the session.

Please take care to be quiet on your way from the carpark to the EE room as there are people living on site.

For overnight sessions we advise all clients to bring their own blankets or sleeping bags..

It is important to stay well hydrated to aid the detoxing process so bringing a large water bottle is advised, a re fill facility is available in the centre.

Eye masks and earplugs are available in the room.

Please note that we do not have staff on site at all times so please aim to arrive in the room no more than 15 minutes before the start of your session.

Be sure to watch the videos of how to find our room

-After Your Session

It is recommended that you take a detoxing salt bath after your session. Detoxing salt mix is available to buy at the centre.

Also remember to remain well hydrated.

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