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About Us

Harmonic Resonance EE System is owned and operated by Sam Scott an Brenda Adey. We are both passionate to bring the Energy Enhancement System to our part of North Yorkshire to help to facilitate healing in as many people as possible.

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Brenda is a practicing homeopath of 40 years standing and a Bio Resonance (according to Paul Schmidt) practitioner of 10 years. She has been involved in alternative and complimentary healing practices for 52 years since the birth of her daughter with a serious heart defect. The concept of the body having the ability to heal itself has always been at the heart of Brenda's belief system and seeing the impact of EES treatment has proved this beyond all doubt.


Sam is a Bio Resonance (according to Paul Schmidt) practitioner. Having a keen interest in upcoming health methodologies Sam could see the benefit of combining the EE system treatment with Bio Resonance (according to Paul Schmidt). Sam's own journey through the trials of M.E. created the desire to help others find their healing.

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