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Before Your EE Session

It is important to be well hydrated for your session, a good idea is to start to hydrate with good quality water 2-3 days before. 

Dress comfortably, if you wish to bring warm socks, slippers or any other comfy items please feel free. We have blankets, eye masks and earplugs available to use free of charge.

We ask that you don't take a mobile phone into the EE room - in order to get the best results use the time to try to completely relax and take in the scalar energy.

Please avoid using strong smelling fragrances as this can be disturbing to more sensitive people.​​


During your session

During your session simply lay back and try to relax on one of our comfortable chairs or beds.


The lights in the room will be low and the blinds closed to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Over longer sessions remember to stay hydrated. We advise you to bring a water bottle with you, we have refills of filtered water available on site.

If you need to use the toilet whilst in a session please do. Please try to leave and return to your place as quietly as you can as not to disturb others.

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Getting the most from your session

Set an intention. The EE System works on many levels both physical and spiritual, setting an intention at the start of a session can be a powerful.


Relaxation is key... The deeper you can relax and the clearer your intention is the more you will get from your sessions. The EE System aids you in getting to a Theta brainwave frequency band.

We advise not to read in the room and instead to fully relax. However those who would like to have a book in with them to help them relax into the session we ask to be extremely considerate of others and be as quiet as possible.

After Your EE Session

Post EE session the body goes into heavy detoxification - when the body is given energy from EES the first thing it wants to do is ''clean house'' of the toxins we have picked up from modern life. On occasion people can have detoxing symptoms like feeling ''groggy'' or getting a headache.


The body's own natural detoxing systems such as the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system will work to remove toxins from the body. Remember to remain well hydrated for the next few days to aid the body's natural detoxing process. It is advised that after your EE session you take a detoxing sea salt bath within 24 hours to take the strain off the body's natural detoxing system and to achieve the best removal of harmful substances from the body. Detox salt mix is available at the centre. (It is important that the salt used for detoxing is from the sea, as this is negatively charged and is necessary to remove toxins from the body.)

More Information on Detoxing Salt Baths

As stated above a salt bath is recommended by Dr Sandra Rose Michael to aid in the detoxing process.

Below is Dr Sandra's optimal detoxing salt recipe, this also is for sale in the centre.


However Dr Sandra also states that a mix of 2 cups of sea salt and 2 cups of baking soda are also adequate.


Those who find it difficult to bathe for mobility or any other reason a foot soak in the salt mix is sufficient.

It is important to maintain hydration before and after a detoxing bath.

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